Sports Reflect Life

Sports Reflect Life

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Posted by Partymode on Sunday, September 16, 2018


This never gets old for me! Striving for personal best all the time, everywhere, and holding nothing back! This is an amazing sports analogy to a life of faith! At times we are carried … at times we carry others … at times we encourage others … yet it’s all working together for everyone in the mix and those watching it unfold!

I’ve have had opportunity to be in each of these three roles within the various aspects of my life. It’s only logical to think that there’s a normal progression to be understood … kinda like crawl then walk then run. It’s only logical to think that once we’ve learned to run, we wouldn’t need to be walking or crawling again, right?

It’s become clear that lately I’ve been in the role of one being carried. It’s been a trying time to get to the point of realizing and accepting this reality. By contrast, I have clear and successfull experience in being in the role of carrying and leading others and yet, reality was not lining up with my personal understanding of where I am in the mix … and I’ve been questioning myself why this status is here.

Scripture denotes that our lives ought to be a journey of life-long learning (Matt 6:33) as we seek the Kingdom of God by putting on and emulating His relationship qualities and attitudes with other people.

It’s my experience that we don’t always have to be carrired … we don’t always have to be carrying others and we don’t always have to be leading. It’s evident that we often get comfortable in one of these roles and make choices to stay there. The role is usually predictable, managable and repeatable and we are happy to be there. However when situations arise where we suddenly realize that we’ve been positioned to be the person to take on a different role that we may not like or may not be experienced at … do we respond with the same joy filled attitude and confidence? Probably not.

The heart has a lot of influence with our every day lives. There’s no doubt that it’s humbling to confess that a change of heart is needed when we say no or when we just do not want to do something. Turning that corner to say yes can be difficult and sometimes it’s a process to get there.

However, if we remember that our faith is not of our own accord, nor is it strickly a matter of a mental exercise in moral behavior. It is in fact a journey alongside the creator of the universe who shows us new ways of knowing Him and living a life that reflects that relationship. (Matt 28:20b)

It’s obvioius (at least to me) that the center of much of the personal contension people experience can be better understood and overcome with the notion that we GET TO be in these roles! We don’t have to do them, faith is a voluntary action … just like a friendship or marriage or sports. The voluntary nature of these roles is turned upside down if it’s felt to be a requirement … or a “have to do”. Turning that position around to a “get to do” is kind of like being afraid of a fast moving carival ride and otherwise saying to yourself instead … go faster! Going in this direction displays a willfull intent, an openness to overcome and sometimes requires an internal letting go of control.

It’s pride that suggests that once we’ve “arrived”, that we have no further need to go backwards, so to speak. Pride says … isn’t this my purpose in life … I’ve worked for many years … aquired many skills … had many achievments … helped many people … I’m supposed to be here!

And yet, If we are to be loving our neighbor as ourself (Matt 22:39) wouldn’t the needs of the situation dictate that someone will fill a role for a partuclar situation? My pastor has often said “See a need and fill it” and “It’s your idea, then you need do it”.

Sometimes however, we find ourselves not in the position of leading or of doing but we’re in the role of receiving because someone else is in the role to lead us or is demonstrating to us something we need to learn. Knowing that we are all working together and that we each need to experience and grow in the various roles/situations presented to us is the tangable glue which enables our volunary unity and susquent personal growth, but with a broader perspective.

If anyone reading this post can relate to challenging changes in your life right now … know that you’re not alone! Change is hardest when you’re not moving … so keep pressing inward and onward to the prize that’s uniquely found in walking by faith with the only One who not only offers salvation into eternity future, but is willing and able to walk with us now! (John 14:6)