Something Unexpected

Something Unexpected

I have a praise report for y’all!

About six months ago I was diagnosed with a double hernia. Nothing serious fortunately. I acquired the left side hernia at the end of February this year after helping a neighbor move a 300+lb rock out of this truck. Didn’t feel anything at the time. A few weeks later however in the gym I discovered some strange new pain while doing leg raises. Since it has been about 4 months since my prior visit to the local gym due my work travels to Mexico City, I just figured I was really out of shape and just need some time to work back into things. Well, two weeks later, same thing again so off to the doc I went.

My Primary Care Dr said I had a double hernia! I said no way! I could only notice the left side! Turns out that it’s very likely that I’ve had the double hernia for over 25 years from my BMX days from heavy weight training when I was in my 20’s. It’s just that the left side gave way recently with the help of the big rock!

With seeing the referred to surgeon in mid July, he told me six to schedule and then 6 weeks recovery. When I asked about a laparoscopy procedure he referred me to Dr Moon at the Rancho Springs Medical Center in Murrietta California. Dr Moon introduced me to the robot surgical method which is an even higher level of precision and accuracy. After a lengthy discussion of the ways my bi-lateral inguinal hernia could be remedied, I was going to take Dr Moon’s advice and request robot surgery.

On August 18 I was contacted to schedule my surgery for the following week on August 26! lapihr-300x271Post surgery, I’ve had very minor pain from the surgery! Though the other effects of the surgery were rather difficult, mostly with my GI tract getting back to normal … but the actual surgical area did not cause much pain at all! Simply amazing.

BTW, this isn’t a picture of me!  But this does show the three robotic entrance positions from a robotic hernia procedure.  That’s it!  After a few months, they won’t even be noticeable!

So it’s now 11 days since the surgery and I had my follow up visit with Dr Moon this afternoon. I’ve been cleared to go back to normal activity, including going to the gym and riding my dirt bike too! I can hardly believe it! I was wondering what happened to the 6 weeks that I was originally told versus 11 days actual? Anyhow, I just got a 4 week reprieve! I can only say … thank Lord for your grace and mercy to me a sinner!

I send my thanks and love to all the people who have been praying for me and my wife through this time! Your prayers have covered us with peace throughout this whole process that once again shows how great our God is and how merciful He can be, although it’s completely undeserved!

So for those who may be interested I would invite you to google search “image robotic surgery” and check out the pictures of this amazing machine that really does a wondrous work!

There’s one more thing I’d like to share! I found this video which just happens to show Dr Moon, my doctor, who also worked on someone you probably already know about in the motocross/free style industry!

Thanks for reading my post today … and I pray that you too will find God’s mercy and grace within every facet of your life as you seek Him by faith through His son Jesus!
>Only Through His Grace,

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