Shalom from Y’israel! – August 18 2012

Shalom from Y’israel! – August 18 2012

Shalom from Y’israel! – August 18 2012

Just settling into my hotel after the long flight and a 2 hour drive from Tel Aviv to my hotel … what an awesome view it has!  It’s evening now in Israel and the stars are as bright as ever!  The twinkling lights over the hillsides and valleys is remarkable!

This view is reminding me of traveling by airplane at night, where you can see patches of lights here and there as you survey the view below from the comfort of a modern yet that’s flying above!

The view I see now, however is overlooking the hills that surround the Sea of Galilee with the dark area revealing the size of the fresh water area!  Being this close to the Sea of Galilee and seeing it so close makes me wonder if Jesus had walked in this area where this hotel now stands?  After all Jesus was from Galilee.

For me however, I’m not too sure that it matters all that much.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be going out on any foot print tracking excursions, looking for the footsteps of Jesus!  But that does lead back some other questions now.  Where did Jesus walk?  Why did he walk to those specific places noted in the New Testament?  Why would he return to places where just previously folks had wanted to kill him?  Why did Jesus walk and for what purpose?  I don’t have time tonight discuss all of these, but if you wanted to know those answers, it is all there in the Bible!

So let’s examine this now with a different perspective now.  Were Jesus’s footsteps as important as the message those steps would bring? Of course they were and they still are important today!  Scripture is clear to note that faith without works means there wasn’t any “real” faith there in the first place.

So here’s tonight question(s) that i’m asking for myself, but it’s true for all of us:

When I go to places in my daily life and taking my walk with Jesus along with me, am I carrying the message that the Lord gave me to give others?  What is that message and how has the Lord enabled it to be delivered?

The answers are … between you and the Lord, just like it’s between me and Lord!  Take your questions, your requests, to Him and let Him show you His glory and His great plan! (Phil 4:6-7) He thinks so highly of you that he sent his son Jesus to show you the way!  He is remarkable, dependable, and above all available to you… if you will only trust him!

Good night … Lilah-tov!

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